Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back at it!

Since my blog had deleted all my stuff a little while back, I am going to have to re-do some stuff. But I have a couple new crafts I can post! It has been a busy couple months. Best friends had a beautiful baby girl and I made her a diaper cake. I have seen them all over the place and I just loved them. So I was happy to be able to make one!

The top tier of the cake!

Please don't mind my ironing board and the laundry basket in the picture. You will see the ironing board a lot I am affraid.

All I did was use about 70-72 SWADDLERS (diapers), baby powder and a cheap little bottle, rubber bands, and anything you would like to decorate it with. I knew I was going to be putting thick ribbon around it so you may want to think of that too while picking out your decorations. These items were used to hold it all together. You need to roll all of the diapers to make them into little rolls. Keep them together with rubber bands. For the bottom tier i used the baby powder to use as a base. I just continued to build out with the rolled up diapers. It is the easiest thing to do! You can put whatever kind of decorations you want! The posiblities are endless. (lol)

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