Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Silver Platter

So I have seen these platter re-dos ALLLLL over different craft blogs. I love them. I finally broke down and spent $2.99 on one at the Goodwill! I am so cheap I squeek!

After the HORRIBLE spraypaint job...

The MESSED up spraypaint job! Got all runny and just a plain mess! I knew I was doing it when I was spraying but then I figured I would just cover it up! Like this....

Looks "beachy" right??
To cover the HORRIBLE spraypainting job, I MODGEPODGED some fabric onto the platter, then around it, I hotglued some hemp rope to give the "nautical" feel. (I put it on the handles too...kinda hard to see). In the corners, I hotglued some seashells from the beach I got a while back and TADA!!!!!!! My platter. My mom had given me the adirondack chair coaster holder a couple years ago so I put that on there...I think I will be putting my tart warmer on there since I love burning them in the fall...YUMMY PUMPKIN SCENTS!!!!!

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  1. love the love love the tray :)